Statement on the Police Lynching of George Floyd

BLACK LIVES MATTER We condemn the police’s murder of George Floyd – a modern day lynching.   George Floyd’s death is yet another highly visible extrajudicial execution in a horrifically long list of thousands of Black and brown people killed by police.   From Breonna Taylor to Meagan Hockaday, to Oscar Grant and Stephon Clark – thereContinue reading “Statement on the Police Lynching of George Floyd”

Demand an equitable pandemic response.

Now is the time to call your legislators.  Make sure they don’t follow Trump’s reckless “leadership”, or resort to typical, ineffective, neoliberal, trickle-down band-aids.   Find your City Council Member     Find your County SupervisorFind your US House Member        Find your CA State Legislators Contact Senator Feinstein        Contact Senator Harris  Wellstone is suggesting theseContinue reading “Demand an equitable pandemic response.”