Statement on the Police Lynching of George Floyd


We condemn the police’s murder of George Floyd – a modern day lynching.  

George Floyd’s death is yet another highly visible extrajudicial execution in a horrifically long list of thousands of Black and brown people killed by police.  

From Breonna Taylor to Meagan Hockaday, to Oscar Grant and Stephon Clark – there are too many innocent victims for us to even attempt to express the magnitude of this tragedy and brutality. 

Police in this country are completely out of control – they can kill anyone, anywhere, at any time, for any reason, with zero consequences. 

Police must be held accountable, and their terrorizing of Black and Brown communities must be stopped – immediately.  

We stand in solidarity with, and believe we should follow the leadership of, Black-led groups like Black Lives Matter and the CDP African American Caucus

We support people fighting back against a police / surveillance state designed to punish and oppress those with darker skin.  

We demand the firing, trial, and conviction for murder of any and all police who kill unarmed people – beginning with Floyd’s murderer and his three accomplices. 

We demand the resignation of any District Attorney or Attorney General too cowardly to prosecute killer cops.  

We demand amnesty for all protesters peacefully exercising their first amendment rights in the face of police brutality and agents provocateurs

We demand that cities everywhere defund the police and review all existing contracts with law enforcement.  

We demand a national system for tracking police killings, and local independent oversight commissions with the power to subpoena and fire police officers.  

We demand liberty and justice and equal treatment for all, and an end to the plague of White Supremacy.  


Wellstone Statement on Police Lynching of George Floyd
Wellstone Statement on Police Lynching of George Floyd


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