Executive Board

Per our Official Bylaws, the Executive Board “shall comprise all the officers of WPDS, as described herein, with the chairs of the standing committees, who are not already officers of WPDS, as ex officio members”. The board is elected in December, sworn in the following January, and serves a 1 year term.

The Board is comprised of these roles:

  1. President (Michelle Wright)
  2. Vice President (Patti Gainer)
  3. Recording Secretary (Patricia Johnson)
  4. Corresponding Secretary (Shirley Toy) 
  5. Treasurer (open position)
  6. Political Chair (Walter Kawamoto) 
  7. Legislative Chair (Zach Freels)
  8. Finance and Fundraising Chair (open position)
  9. Organizational Development Chair (open position)

To attend an Executive Board meeting, which is open to the public, please refer to our Take Action page or our Facebook Events page.

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