Virtual Oktoberfest: Progressive Women of Color Candidates Forum

As the COVID19 pandemic forces us all to socially distance, we are doing something new this year. On October 1 at 7pm, we are hosting a virtual panel entirely comprised of progressive women of color candidates. This will kick off a month of campaigning every weekend for our endorsed candidates and legislation so we scoreContinue reading “Virtual Oktoberfest: Progressive Women of Color Candidates Forum”

Demand an equitable pandemic response.

Now is the time to call your legislators.  Make sure they don’t follow Trump’s reckless “leadership”, or resort to typical, ineffective, neoliberal, trickle-down band-aids.   Find your City Council Member     Find your County SupervisorFind your US House Member        Find your CA State Legislators Contact Senator Feinstein        Contact Senator Harris  Wellstone is suggesting theseContinue reading “Demand an equitable pandemic response.”