August General Membership Meeting – Thursday August 4th at 7:00 pm

photo credit: Emma Jenson

Wellstone General Membership Meeting 

Date:   Thursday, August 4th 

Time   7:00 pm 

Place   Virtual Zoom meeting 

 All are welcome


Join Zoom Meeting  link

Join us as we learn about ADEMs and how we can use

these positions to change our California Democratic


What is the best way to get progressive candidates

elected?  How can we join with other progressive

organizations to get the best people elected?  



Guest speaker and discussion – Eric Sunderland, CA Regional Director

Club business
    Approval of past minutes
  June minutes
July minutes

     Officer’s reports

New Business


Happy Birthday Medicare!

On July 30th, 1965, Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare

and Medicaid into law, providing healthcare to millions

of seniors, low income people, and people with

disabilities.  Within a year, the civil rights movement

used Medicare and the threat of withholding federal

dollars to immediately desegregate US hospitals.  The

original intent of Medicare was to cover all Americans. 

May we keep on working until Healthcare

as a Human right become a reality for all Americans. 

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